Hamlet. The Book | Продолжаем выдавать книжки

Напоминаем, что москвичи могут приезжать за своими экземплярами "Гамлета". "Гамлет" доехал до Кореи, до разных городов России, даже Грегори Доран и Дэвид Теннант получили свои книжки. А вы чего ждете? )) Инструкции отправлены на почту, указанную при заказе, проверяйте! Не забудьте проверить папку "спам" или поискать  по адресу отправителя richardii@yandex.ru. Если письма нет, срочно пишите опять же на richardii@yandex.ru.

И мы очень-очень ждем отзывов. Тут: https://vk.com/topic-82374227_34028069 или тут: https://ask.fm/DT_Book или на почту пишите. 

Вот какие чудесные штуки про книжку пишут и даже устраивают ей фотосессии. Спасибо!! 

Рисунок корейского артера Drymartinee
Hello there :)

Finally I got my copies of Hamlet The Book (I've been curious whether I remember the title of the project correctly. Do I?). In Richard II's case, it took more than 1 month to deliver. But, thank god, this time it was much faster. Can you imagine how I was delighted when I was given this? :D 

This two-volume set was full of pleasure as I expected. Everything was perfect, flawless and artworks were magnificent, as well. Generally, it was of great quality. And you annotated the books in English, this time! Wow! It was one of things which made me amazed. You know, I'm totally illiterate in russian but by favor of you, I can read them in english and understand. I can't help but applaud. I swear David and Greg will like it when they get. Thank you so much and I'm proud of myself for participating this project. 



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