First preview of RSC's King Lear: audience reviews

20 августа прошел первый предпоказ новой постановки "Короля Лира" Грегори Дорана. Сэр Энтони Шер в главной роли. Судя по отзывам зрителей, это что-то невероятное. Под катом избранное на английском языке, скопированное из фейсбука труппы. Ждать трансляции 12 октября все сложнее. Трейлер ниже. 


Stephanie Von Kutzleben Was in the audience tonight with the in-laws. Absolutely amazing! I see a lot of 

RSC productions but not many that can move me to tears - Anthony Sher is a genius. The whole cast worked together seamlessly to pull of a wonderful production. I would gladly recommend it to anyone.
Geoffrey Littman Over many decades I have seen every role Antony Sher has played at the RSC. There have been many and they have all displayed both his talents and fantastic range. It was entirely fitting that his King Lear should be a crowning glory of Shakespeare 400....Еще
Mark Farey I saw the first preview tonight and it was utterly brilliant. Lots of great performances, good mixture of humour and hardship, interesting staging, etc. Big thumbs-up from me.
Simon Reid We thought it was excellent. Sher was even better than I'd dared hope, and surrounded by an outstanding cast - I especially loved Anthony Byrne as Kent, David Troughton as Gloucester, and Byron Mondahl as Oswald. Some very clever staging too! It all made for one of the best things I've seen in the RST. Well done Greg Doran and the whole cast and crew on a fantastic first night.
Steven Bayman Also, good luck to the amateurs who were blessed with the chance to play knights in this. Jealous as hell that I didn't get cast, myself. Good luck to all!
Bill Lees I was there. A superb production, beautifully staged as ever. The opening when Lear enters sitting inside a gilded glass display case was very clever, with its suggestion of the aged monarch as a museum piece. And the glass box theme continued, with th...Еще
Chris Murray It was excellent. I don't really like the play but couldn't resist the Sher/Doran combo. Very well acted, especially by Antony Sher, David Troughton as Gloucester and Paapa Essiedu as Edmund. I liked the way Goneril and Regan were contrasted at the beg...Еще
D RK Efc Good luck Ben Cahill in your first ever acting role - Michael JonesWilliam Welsh Jeremy Allen and Knowdy are so proud of you! #OscarAwaits 😂
Stephen Maxwell Bought two tickets together many months ago for our trip to Stratford late September. Coming all the way from Colorado and can't wait to see King Lear in such a great theater.
It-Took A-Cook Can't wait to see it in movie theaters here in The States. Thank you and other theaters in the UK for broadcasting/recording your productions and distributing them around the world!
Zuleika Henry Terrific photos, coming to see it on Tuesday...can't wait!!
Damien O'Keeffe Good luck Nuncle and all involved in the production D
Amy Rockson Wishing everyone involved in King Lear a wonderful first show, and a glorious run. X
Luca Gene Michael Mansfield I thought that was Nic Cage for a second there and got all flustered and excited.
Sue Reaney Looking forward to Wednesday evening.
Claire Kavanagh Will this be being broadcasted live by cinemas in Ireland by any chance?
Antonella Theatregoer Break a leg to the cast & creatives!
Fabiana Moneghini Ariana Dragusha I'd love to see him in THIS one! It's Antony Sher, the "Falstaff" 
Andrew Wakefield Booked in at The Barbican later in year looking forward to the reviews
Sue Ryan One of the best plays ever written!!! The older I get, the better it gets!
Michael Day Tasha OMG can we go
Actually on second thought I don't want to ever go to stratfordnupon Avon again for a while 😂

Martin O'Reilly Cannot wait for this! Am going on 23 Sept. My fav play starring one of my fav actors at my fav theatre😃🎭😃🎭
Sharon Trigg Very much looking forward to this!
Milly Hallam-Jones Wow. Just wow. The RSC at its absolute best. The performances were fantastic across the board, miss it at your peril.
Larry French Coming all the way from Omaha, Nebraska in October to see this. also will be seeing Kenneth Branagh, Michael Crawford, Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart in London. I would call that a ROYAL FLUSH
Verity Taster The part he was born to play
Samuel Serrano-Roberts Phenomenal performances all round
Al Williams Going to see this in September - very excited.


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