Hamlet. The Book (eng)

Hamlet. The Book

На русском: http://www.dtbooks.net/p/hamlet.html

After the successful launch and re-release of «Richard II» in 2014, we made new book.

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We have printed the edition of Shakespeare's tragedy «Hamlet». For the first time all the most interesting information about «Hamlet» is collected under one cover. This is not just a book: this edition will help the reader to see the famous and seemingly long-familiar tragedy from all possible angles.

The book include:

• Original text.

• Parallel translation into Russian.

• The text of the play will be marked according to the Gregory Doran's version (TV version of his production of «Hamlet» for the RSC, 2008). For example, fragments omitted by Doran will be grayed. Also, the key scenes of the tragedy will be accompanied by notes, that tells us how the director decided to do that scene. How it was done in the edition of «Richard II», can be found here.

• A unique collection of comments on the text from various sources (commentaries are cited from more than eight English sources and more than ten Russians sources), where you will learn, for example, whether Hamlet and Ophelia were in relationship, and how old Hamlet really was.

• Exclusive illustrations by artist Anna Ryzhova, whose work on «Richard II» was appreciated by readers and professionals. Illustrations will be made on the basis of production of «Hamlet"» with David Tennant in the title role.

• The book will be published in TWO VOLUMES.

This unique book is 'must have' for every admirer of Shakespeare and British theater!

"It looks wonderful and I am so impressed with your work. I am a typesetter and my family publishes magazines since several decades, so my daily life is about printing and preparing stuff to be printed - therefore I know for real how good your book is - not just from a fan-view".

"I can't believe when I saw the book at first because it's much better than what I expected! Really awsome, magnificent and I'm gonna love it! I can see the efforts of you and your team put into in everywhere. Such a masterpiece".

NB! This is crowdfunded project, 
the organizers did'nt earn anything. 

Money was needed for layout, preparing the book for publication, printing and shipping.

In fact, one only payed for printing his own copy. Were you to print a copy of this book individually, it would cost you no less than 115 EUR!

This book was not sold in retail stores, and will not be sold anywhere at all. 

Publication's parameters:

• Format: 200x200 mm.
• Two volumes, 220 and 196 pages.
• Cardboard casing for two volumes.
• Approximate weight - about 1,2 kg.
• Covers and 36 author's illustrations.
• Parallel text of the play.
• Foreword by Natalia Fomintseva.
• Notes and comments on the text of the play from various sources.
• Binding - hard-stitched.
• Paper for block - BioTOP 100 gr. offset.
• Block print - colour.
• Flyleaf - colour.
• Сover print - colour on the front side.
• Paper for the cover - 110 gr. matt lamination.
• Cover lamination cover - yes, matt.
• Printing house - www.onebook.ru

Questions can be asked here: http://www.dtbooks.net (form for feedback) here: http://ask.fm/DT_Book or mailed to richardii@yandex.ru


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